Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out!


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Friday sure got here quickly!  And we still haven’t touched all of the stories that stacked up over the long 4th of July holiday.  We won’t get to them today, either.  On tap for this edition of BML: I was surprised to see the sport that has a GAY event…actually several of them.  What if we did this for all sports?  McDonald's was facing a downturn, and then they turned it around.  Yea, folks, keep whining for $15 an hour and industry will leave you behind.  Missouri has reduced its minimum wage.  Maybe it’ll start a trend!  Finally we have a trial date for the Needelman case.  The defendants are being split into different trials and that’s a good idea.  While Florida will give voter information to the president’s commission on fraud, it won’t get everything it’s asking for.  Supervisor of Elections Lori Scott will fill us in during our 7am hour.  Palm Bay has passed the stormwater hike we discussed with City Manager Gregg Lynk last week.  Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi has an invitation for you and the Executive Editor of our paper of record joins our discussion at 8am.

What about inclusion, and what if we did this for ALL sport?

McDonald’s bouncing back- we prepare, you decide!

Missouri rolls back minimum wage $10-$7.70

Needelman trial date set for October, trials severed

Florida says yes to giving Trump commission voter data- mostly

Palm Bay passes stormwater hike 3-2 (somebody CAN count to 3)

An invitation from Bob Gabordi

Vice President Pence at KSC- praises partnerships, talks moon and Mars

Miami judge strops Stand Your Ground changes

Which government is best to govern?

Picking Juries- time for change

Sanctuary Cities and crime

MSNBC v President Trump

CNN’s Acosta can’t think for himself

When a president cares about the country

And recognizes its founding

A Liberal’s worst nightmare

Fighting terror- Czechs get it

2nd Example: Chicago

Tax changes for churches

Chaffetz leaving over do-nothing Congress

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