Gaining Ground, But Losing Cops

Funeral for police officer slain by ex-cop



We are seeing some wins for conservatism in some places, including the media.  We’ll get a look during today’s show.  Leave it to John “For the Dopers” Morgan to argue that keeping smoking marijuana illegal is itself illegal.   Palm Shores is disbanding its CRA, but questions remain over the repayment of the mayor’s CRA salary to the County.  Former District 3 County Commissioner Trudie Infantini now lives in District 5, but wants to run for the commission again, but now in District 4.  Like Batman V. Superman, I’ve seen this movie once and have no desire to see it again.  Police Officer deaths are up 20% in 2017…just what’s becoming of our society?  And we have a slew of stories we couldn’t get to yesterday.  We’ll see what we can accomplish today on BML.

Winning against idiocy- soda tax stopped

When snowflakes enter the workplace

Only a lawyer can argue keeping an illegal substance illegal is unlawful!

Palm Shores votes to disband CRA, but what about that payback?

Infantini announces run against Smith

Finally- media commentary making sense on Trump CNN Tweet

Cop deaths up 20% in 2017

Miami judge strops Stand Your Ground changes

Which government is best to govern?

Picking Juries- time for change

Sanctuary Cities and crime

MSNBC v President Trump

CNN’s Acosta can’t think for himself

When a president cares about the country

And recognizes its founding

A Liberal’s worst nightmare

Fighting terror- Czechs get it

2nd Example: Chicago

Tax changes for churches

Chaffetz leaving over do-nothing Congress

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