WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- Welcome Back Edition


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With so much more to cover than we will ever have time for, we’ll leave it at this: if it’s schools, soda taxes, Stand Your Ground, CRA’s, picking a County Manager, snowflakes in the workplace, the Olympics, brawling baseball, the president and his actions, the media battling the president or how we govern ourselves we have a story about it lined up for today.  Oh, and it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…so it’s kind of up to you!

Killing the Olympics- why watch?

When coaches go off

Since when do you want US in your bedroom?

BPS considers centralized finances

School bookkeeper gets 7 years

Imbecile former bookkeeper justifies embezzlement with wage argument

Modifying Circle of Death rules won’t help

Palm Shores vote tonight to disband CRA

Wasted time and money- County Manager search unfruitful

Winning against idiocy- soda tax stopped

When snowflakes enter the workplace

Miami judge strops Stand Your Ground changes

Which government is best to govern?

Picking Juries- time for change

Sanctuary Cities and crime

MSNBC v President Trump

CNN’s Acosta can’t think for himself

When a president cares about the country

And recognizes its founding

A Liberal’s worst nightmare

Fighting terror- Czechs get it

2nd Example: Chicago

Tax changes for churches

VP Pence visiting KSC Thursday

Chaffetz leaving over do-nothing Congress


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