WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Honesty and Idiocy Edition

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Congratulations to the Florida Gators in their big win of the College World Series!  They won the championship best of 3 in two games over in-conference rival LSU.  The entire series was filled with quality teams and the games were a blast to watch!  We’ll begin the day in the sports world as John McEnroe violated the sensibilities of the press who had to push him on what was a compliment to Serena Williams.  The media just had to turn it into a circus.  What McEnroe said had merit, even if exaggerated, and the media just had to have their pound of flesh.

If that weren’t enough, while it’s one thing to acknowledge the whims of those who are confused by their body parts, codifying the phenomenon in law is idiotic and Washington, D. C. has done just that.  Atheists are always inserting themselves into places they shouldn’t have a say as if they are the authority and the country is supposed to answer to them.  Apparently they aren’t having the success they want and are adding a dash of racism to draw attention to their claims.  One Yale student has had it with politics in his classes and he’s right. 

A pair of Democratic activists wants to change elections in Florida by working with our state’s Supervisors of Elections to “improve” elections in Florida.  One: have you ever known a Democratic activist to act in a non-partisan manner without an election impacting agenda?  Two: these two boldly claim a combined 20 years of campaign experience.  Let’s see at best that’s 10 years each meaning they have participated in precisely two presidential elections.  Oh, and that other little pesky detail- working in or even running a campaign is NOT the same as administering the elections process.  They bring NOTHING of value to the table.  Oh, and the omissions of the press in reporting this are glaring as well.

The White House took on the media yesterday. White House 1, Media 0.  The Visit Florida revamp is under way and it’s about time.  Lastly, State Representative Randy Fine, who had designs on the House Speakership, has withdrawn from that ambition- and for good reasons.

Gators baseball National Champions

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Apparently we are ruled by idiots

Atheists going racial?  Looks like it

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Dems want to improve voting process in FL (help or control?)

White House briefing focuses on media/fake news

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Visit Florida VP resigns (good)

Corcoran says Visit Florida is paying attention

Fine decides no on Speaker run

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