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We begin the day with a quick update on the CNN fabricated report that got 3 of their people in trouble and changed policy at the cable news outlet.  Those three staffers are no longer at CNN with the network saying they resigned.  With all the controversy over speakers at American universities the University of Florida may have the right idea, but they are going about it the wrong way.  The result is stifling free speech and discouraging conservative speakers.  The Supreme Court has reinstated part of the president’s travel restrictions and will hear the case in its next session.  State Senator Debbie Mayfield has agreed with Representative Randy Fine’s request for a state audit of Palm Bay.  It will be months before formal approval and who knows how long before the report is in.  A pair of Democratic activists wants to “improve” voting in Florida and other states.  I’m pretty sure their combined 20 years of election experience doesn’t lend enough expertise for them to be of actual value to the process.  And, have you ever seen a Democratic activist act in a nonpartisan way?

While Brevard Schools are in negotiation with the teachers’ union on various issues, we visit with School Board member Andy Ziegler on the Superintendent’s evaluation, contract offer and retroactive pay raise, the schools security issue where leadership was clearly absent in the decision making, school clinics and more.

At 8am Florida Today Executive Editor Bob Gabordi joins us a few days early to accommodate my vacation later in the week.  He’s written this week about Governor Scott’s Connecticut job hunt visit.  The paper has taken an extensive look at the situation in Palm Bay and I wonder if Bob hasn’t created a monster in John Torres.

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