From Outer Space to Palm Bay



It may not be the starship Enterprise, but it’s the next step.  We already have vehicles, satellites, telescopes and a space station, so what’s next?  How about a military division devoted to protecting space?  Yep, it’s under consideration.  So, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Scotty and Sulu- where are you? 

Poor Jeb Bush can’t pick a battle to win.  He was horrible in his presidential run and he bailed on Derek Jeeter in a bid to buy the Marlins.  Now he’s part of a group set to compete with Jeter on the purchase.  If Jeeter’s career taught us anything it’s that betting against him isn’t smart- just like Jeb.  Also baseball related, Treasure Coast baseball fans are in for a treat as Tim Tebow has been promoted to the St. Lucie Mets. 

Also today: We frequently talk the dismay by America’s college kids that their culture is being abused by some (usually white) person who just doesn’t understand.  Today we have a common sense editorial that points to the silliness of the idea.  We talked last week about shoddy journalism from the New York Times and other “mainstream” press outlets.  Now CNN has implemented a new policy to stop the embarrassment.  Apparently it’s OK to refuse service to gay couples because of your religious convictions.  While we have believed that from the start, now we have the power of the Supreme Court behind us.  A Pennsylvania town has decided that a man there honoring our troops by playing Taps nightly is disturbing the neighbors.  He’s been restricted to Sundays and holidays.  That’s a shame, maybe we all need a bit of military service to understand the respect those Americans deserve!  Richard Corcoran says the scrutiny of the legislative sessions has reformed Visit Florida and there are some indicators that he is right.  I kid Florida Today’s John Torres that he is like Dateline’s Keith Morrison (the pedophile whisperer for NBC) in that John’s joy in seeking justice (and in this case serial killers) is palpable.  He agrees!

Over the weekend Florida Today laid out a history of the Space Coast Paratroopers Association and the controversy swirling around it in Palm Bay.  It’s led to strife on council and among employees, multiple investigations, a big waste of city dollars (the city attorney blank check witch hunt) and a call by Representative Randy Fine for a state audit.  The city also has a huge storm water management fee hike in the works.  City Manager Gregg Lynk will be with us at 8am to discuss the fee increase and more.

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