Under Attack: Speech and Baltimore

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As a nation our roots are in Great Britain.  Our laws are based in English Common Law.  Let’s hope the trend stops there considering what’s happening with speech.  Could you be arrested for your Facebook posts?  Not here, but in England, yes, and jail is included.  Do we need laws to protect free speech in the USA?  Wisconsin thinks so.  As expected, their college system isn’t happy! 

2015 was tough on Baltimore.  The Freddie Gray case upended the city and the streets were burning.  Now Baltimore businesses are suing the city for allowing that to happen and the police can’t recruit cops.  I predicted it…who wants to be a cop when doing your job gets you persecuted and prosecuted by the very people who hire you and are supposed to be your advocates in court?

Local columnist Marshall Frank makes a strong argument against the death penalty in his Florida Today column.  CRA’s return to the news as the feds are looking into one in Tallahassee.  Has there been a CRA anywhere that isn’t tainted with the stench of scandal?  Prime Time Charlie Crist is the Tres Holton of Congress.  He thinks a civility day written into law is going to make a difference.  And, dog gone it, people like him!

Florida Today’s Executive Editor Bob Gabordi is with us in our 8am hour with his reflections on the shooting of the Republican baseball practice and whatever else we decide to take on!

Glad we aren’t Great Britain, eh, Facebook?

But do we need laws to protect Free Speech?

Baltimore businesses suing city over failing to stop riots

And Baltimore Police can’t recruit cops…no wonder!

A solid argument against the death penalty

Another CRA, another basket of corruption?

Prime Time Charlie- the Tres Holton of Congress

Bob Gabordi: stop the crazy

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