Prejudice and News



Self loathing seems to be a thing for America’s college professors, if they are white, that is.  It’s about the only way they think they can be comfortable on campus.  See, if we are white, we are all racists.  They either believe this or are adopting the mantra to stay employed. 

What’s happened to news?  CNN (and many other outlets) can’t seem to report facts if they counter the narrative the news organization wants to advance.  CNN was recently caught at this and other news outlets are under fire as well.  How about this, as Joe Friday would say, “Just the fact, Ma’am.”  Americans can take the truth if the news would just provide it. 

A couple of years ago the legislature mandated online voter registration for Florida.  It’s being demonstrated this week at the Supervisor of Elections conference in Orlando.  President Trump has announced a good idea that isn’t a wall, but could have much of that impact.  Let’s hope congress likes it. 

State Representative Randy Fine is with us at 8am.  We’ll talk the education bill passed in the Special Session and Fine’s letter asking the state to step in and audit the operations of Palm Bay. Of course, other state issues are up for grabs as we talk with Randy.

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