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I’m laughing at the new Ken dolls…they may be the most realistic of them all.  They are culturally and physically diverse, and maybe spot on.  From balding and gray to man buns and one who could be an LGBT activist, the new Ken dolls are all too real!  We have kids who must be too stupid to attend college and a gender based nude gym taking heat.  There is a high school grad who deserves credit, but learned a lesson on adult decisions.  Representative Randy Fine is asking state auditors to look into operations and more in Palm Bay.  They mayor weeth a steek says Fine is overreaching and should keep his nose out of city business.  Desmond Blackburn has earned the confidence of the School Board and this community.  He’s also getting a retroactive raise.  Does any business entity throw money around like this?  Those are my conversation starters on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY...what about you?  What’s on your mind?

Ken doll makeover

Too stupid for college

Trannies upset over “full nudity” women only spa where male genitals are not allowed!

A kid to be proud of, but he has to take the medicine

A Fine mess Capote has gotten into

Blackburn raise and retention

Corcoran is dreaming- the big government lie

SC Congressman blasted for post on Islam

Bob Gabordi: stop the crazy

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