Free Speech Has a Cost



Hey, Mr. Colin Kaepernick, how’s that job search going?  Have you figured out yet that you have free speech, but that it can cost you?  Apparently not.  Shame because one team he could have played for is likely to remain the REDSKINS!  As for the Cardinals, the baseball Cardinals, the LGBT crowd is all u0p-st they are having Christian Family day…but Gay Days at Disney and other events are OK?  Inconsistency, they name is single issue activists!  Should sex offenders be banned from social media?  You may not like the Supreme Court’s answer.  While free speech is heavy in today’s topics, how about a Miami requirement that UBER drivers speak English? 

On the political scene a couple of seldom heard from entities are having problems.  Palm Shores, the little town that shouldn’t be has a mayor who’s been stealing from the unnecessary CRA.  She resigned as CRA Director.  She’s short one resignation!  At the Liberty Bell Museum a fraud has been perpetrated on the City of Melbourne.  It appears a roofing contractor billed twice the amount a roof job should have cost in order that the city match would cover the whole bill.  Where did the money go?  Fresh off the legislative sessions, Speaker Richard Corcoran is praising the idea of big Tallahassee government.

Colin Kaepernick- how goes that job search?

Could have been the REDSKINS!

PRIDE St. Louis- no Christian Family Day for Cards!

Can you ban sex offenders from social media?

Want to drive for UBER?  Speak English!

Are forgetting to resign from one of your jobs, madam mayor?

Liberty Bell Museum roof controversy has West Melbourne angle

Corcoran is dreaming- the big government lie

A kid to be proud of, but he has to take the medicine

Too stupid for college

Trannies upset over “full nudity” women only spa where male genitals are not allowed!

Trump rolling back Obama Cuba policy

SC Congressman blasted for post on Islam

DeSantis right on FBI-IRS

Bob Gabordi: stop the crazy

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