Playing Catch-up!



First off, thank you, Royce Bartlett and Jorge Medina, for holding down the fort while I was out Thursday and Friday.  And thanks to all of you who sent birthday wishes…I wasn’t looking forward to this one, feeling the number hard for really the first time, I was not looking forward to 58, but it was one of my best birthdays in recent memory…not that I can count on memory like I used to! 

Down to business, Lots happened while I was out and we play catch up a bit on today’s show.  An ESPN talking head who somehow survived the recent cutbacks is spouting off about the national anthem at NFL games.  It’s the NFL playing politics?  I think not.  Skittles tries political correctness and wipes out their rainbow for the LGBT crowd.  They got beat up for it (you can’t please those folks).  Hey, Mr. Class President, we are proud of you for your stand on your speech, but you have to take the medicine when you make grown up decisions.  Some folks are too stupid to parent while others are too stupid to be students.  Oh, and back to the LGBT crowd, common sense won’t stand, either.

We have a signifant schools agenda today.  Board member John Craig demonstrates a severe lack of leadership ability on the fencing issue, as did the board by a 4-1 margin.  Do they think they are flush with money?  An expensive choice schools bussing program could be reinstated.  It’s on the wish list.  Teachers are selling blood to make ends meet, or so says one who’s earning $45,000 annually.  That, my friends, is a John Craig-like issue of being unable to prioritize!    

In Palm Bay the good and bad going on are being overshadowed by the ridiculous and (surprise!) Tres Holton is at the center of it.  More spotlight, please?  I’ve got a fever and the only cure is more spotlight!

In DC the congressional baseball game played on and it was division as we should not have expected.  In our 8am hour we’ll talk to a guy who’s umpired the game for most of the last two decades.  David Speaks is one of the best umpires I have worked with and he’s agreed to give us his angle on the game and the environment around it. 

ESPN’s Kellerman- National Anthem at games “injecting politics”

Skittles PR blunder raises everyone’s ire

A kid to be proud of, but he has to take the medicine

Too stupid to parent…wow!

Too stupid for college

Trannies upset over “full nudity” women only spa where male genitals are not allowed!

With fencing decision Craig shows lack of leadership ability

Schools want choice bussing to return- flush with money?

Teacher whining falls on deaf ears here- you’re making your profession look bad

Teach- READ THIS: It ain’t as bad as you say

Holton walks out leaves constituents unrepresented, then wife becomes spokesman

NY Rep wants to carry in DC- and who could blame him?

Trump rolling back Obama Cuba policy

SC Congressman blasted for post on Islam

DeSantis right on FBI-IRS

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