Just Who Are We?


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Where is our society headed?  I didn’t get to hear much of Glenn Beck yesterday, but he noticed something I recently comment about.  We are not as civil as we would like to think, even if we agree on many things.  We have a high school editing the president out of senior photos, the mayor of Melbourne backing off her dumb idea, the school board shuffling money to buy all the fences now because an assistant superintendent of facilities can not prioritize spending and only one member of the board had the courage to question the administration.  It would appear board members telling us the tax would not be borrowed against lied to us.  So be it.  We are done.  Don’t ask for renewal, don’t ask for another tax.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions laid it out the Senate yesterday and he stood his ground well.  How refreshing from a presidential administration!  Bob Gabordi joins us for our final hour today as we take a look at Father’s Day, the focus back on Palm bay and more…like a 5th grader being offered a college scholarship!  I’ll be off the next couple of days, Shooting Straight’s Royce Bartlett will have the big chair and I’ll talk to you Monday on BML! 

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