Ignoring Common Sense- the Epidemic


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When your television show decides to put young, healthy heterosexuals together in a romantic setting with one of the two genders being outnumbered some 15-1…just what did you think was going to happen?  Atheists like the LGBT crowd believe they control the nation’s agenda.  It’s time to tell them otherwise.  And was we combine the two groups- what the heck is wrong with USA soccer?  When the LGBT agenda is more important than the game it’s the game that suffers.  It’s an odd partnership but I suppose we go to the experts in self-assembled furniture for space furniture.  And while we are at space, science geeks, please leave our Science Fiction alone…the word fiction has a definition, use it, please. 

In local politics Palm Bay can take a breath today, but not a big one.  Melbourne Mayor Kathy Meehan, an alleged Republican who was only months ago sucking up to President Trump on his arrival here, has now decided trying to embarrass the president is what the city should do.  Her idea is not well thought out and embarrassing to the community.  Apparently Palm Bay hasn’t cornered the market on stupid politicians.  In verification of this, or maybe this one is staff, the School Board is considering the idea of borrowing money to fence all schools they believe need it from tax money not yet collected.  It’s this simple, if they pass this bad idea we were CLEARLY LIED TO about the needs and reason for the ½ cent tax hike and we should NEVER consider such an idea EVER again. School Board- this stupid idea is in your hands.  While Orlando remembered the Pulse nightclub anniversary yesterday the Washington Post couldn’t remember that Omar the Dead Terrorist was a devotee of ISIS and that RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM was at the root of the tragedy.  Of course, DC can’t speak truthfully of such things, just ask SC Congressman Jeff Duncan.

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