Holy Missing Icon, BATMAN!


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For many of us Adam West was BATMAN.  For me it was my first exposure to Bruce Wayne and his alter ego.  West passed over the weekend, and while it’s been forever since we’ve watched him as the Caped Crusader, we’ll remember him as we start our week together.  And when it comes to law and order in Brevard we can’t miss a figure as big as Sheriff Wayne Ivey.  While in person I would make this a weight joke, as would Wayne, this is about the image standing up for the citizenry of Brevard.  Wayne’s made national news again with his Facebook post last week urging us, if we have concealed weapon permits, to carry our firearms as a first line of defense.  Recent area shootings have prompted this and the sheriff is right.  Can you hold down the fort until police arrive, or are you a victim in waiting?

Florida’s legislative Special Session is over and the governor is signing bills.  We’ll take a look at the results.  Did the legislature cave to the governor?  Did they stand their ground?  Will your investments be made public?  If you invest in “medical” marijuana the answer is yes.  Congressman Ron DeSantis may be contemplating a run for governor, but he’s speaking out on national issues and he says the president got it right on firing James Comey.  He wants similar action on the IRS.  I like his thoughts.  The president says James Comey lied to congress last week.  The question is whether or not there are tapes to back up the assertion. 

Florida Today has taken an in depth look at Homes for Warriors records in the city of Palm Bay.  It isn’t a pretty picture.  It was sloppy, but was it criminal?  Time-and the law enforcement investigation(s) - will tell.

Holy final curtain, Batman!

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