The Irony of Glory Days



Not a lot is being accomplished in Tallahassee during what has become a contentious special session.  One area where legislators agree is that smokable pot is not making the cut for so called “medical” marijuana.  They are playing games with tax money and the governor’s bribe, that is incentives for business, and they disagree on transparency.  And, so far, the House looks to be winning the political battle in Tallahassee. 

The James Comey testimony yesterday revealed a couple of interesting things.  One- the New York Times has been caught publishing an unfounded lie.  And, two- wouldn’t it be ironic if his handling of classified information would get James Comey in legal trouble?  It’s a possibility and even more so since he won’t be the one making the charging decision!

Running a news room or a radio show means making decisions about priorities.  What do you cover, what gets left behind?  We’ll talk that aspect of what we do with Bob Gabordi, Executive Editor of Florida Today, in our 8am hour.  As both of us are baseball guys, we’ll also take a look at an interesting twist on self-identifying.  Can you say Glory Days?

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$85m a bribe to shut up the governor?

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Baseball with Bob- let’s recapture our youth

Language and baseball…what’s the problem?

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