Dereliction of Duty, Not Religious Freedom

We respond emotionally to accusations of religious bias, especially when it involves members of our military.

One such case at Camp Lejeune pitted a female Lance Corporal against her superior officers. She and her attorney assert the Marine Corps violated her 1st Amendment freedom of religion when they ordered her to remove Bible verses from her work space.

She refused. She was ultimately demoted and dishonorably discharged from the Marines. She sued and the military courts, even the military appellate courts ruled against her.

You see, this was more than religion; this was separate incidents of disrespecting a senior officer, disobeying lawful orders and failing to report to an assigned duty. It was far more than refusing to take down her verses.

This gal, for whatever reason became derelict in duty and the Marines can’t have that. Neither can the American people. This was not about religion.

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