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Baseball has been multi-national as far back as I can remember.  Many of the non-US players are among the best in the game.  So, what’s the problem with language and baseball?  Garrett Morris laid it out nicely on SNL: Baseball been berry, berry good to me.  A Red Sox announcer was a bit frustrated with the idea of interpreters on the mound the other night and, of course, he’s the one in hot water for it.  It’s nice to see Alan Dershowitz standing up for President Trump in this Comey fiasco.  Apparently the former FBI director is fond of writing.  His prepared testimony is linked up below.  The Florida Senate has overridden a Governor Scott veto of K-12 funding.  The session in not likely to be a friendly one as it’s now a battle over which house is stronger.  While Visit Florida’s head is taking heat for being accepting of the new restrictions on the tourism agency, they should be happy they have what they do.  After their misspending for years and going unchecked, I would have been happy to see them disappear.  Dope has been added to the Special Session…medical pot regulations will be addressed, and just in the nick of time as dispensaries are starting pop up around the state.

Language and baseball…what’s the problem?

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