WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Cops, Football & Immigration


Want to Fight?

It’s time to stop focusing on whether or not a hold is legal when a cop is in a battle for his life…and likely yours.  It’s nice to know you don’t have to fit in at the gym, but in the locker-room?  Welcome back to Planet Fitness where gender bending is just alright with them!  While most of the protesters at Evergreen State College (yes, they manage to stay in the news) would be anti-weapon, they sure don’t mind using them for intimidation.  For many us, boycotting the NFL is an attractive idea.  After all, they are improperly focused on the wrong social issues as they allow players to do certain things, but not allow others.  They sell promotions to appear to be patriotic and it makes you wonder about their annual deals with breast cancer awareness. This activist wants you to boycott because one rabble rouser in the league doesn’t have a job.  Ann Coulter has a great idea on immigration- stop it!  When Piers Morgan is mad at a Muslim Mayor of London, you know something is very wrong.  And this whining about Russians hacking our voter info…stop it!  A- the info is public record and B- it wasn’t the disaster some want you to think.  Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission is still a big joke and it looks like Speaker Richard Corcoran has purchased the governor’s Veto Pen with an $85m slush fund.  There you have it, my ideas for a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY, but this is YOUR day.  What’s on YOUR mind?

The legality of the hold…in an arrest?

At Planet Fitness you don’t have to fit…in the locker room

Evergreen update (look at the anti-weapon left patrols)

Idiot BLM activist wants to boycott NFL…because his pal abused his position there

Ann Coulter has a great idea!

Piers Morgan v London’s Mayor

Stop whining over potential voter info hack…IT’S PUBLIC RECORD!

Besides, the attempt was not as big as stated

Constitution Commission a joke so far

See, they are BUYING the governor’s veto pen!

$85m a bribe to shut up the governor?

Bob Gabordi: What FT doesn’t care about

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