Terror, Trannies & Taxes

The Answer to Terror ?

And just when you throw yourself out there for forgiveness for someone that isn’t likable, she goes and makes herself even more unlikable.  She also made it very apparent forgiveness isn’t what she’s after.  But did we do our part to be what we should be?  Nonetheless Kathy Griffin sure did exercise the Tres Holton Prerogative!

Back to business- we have a proud tranthlete…and he beat the pants off those girls!

Even with a concert held for the Manchester attack, London was hit over the weekend with more Islamic terror.  President Trump responded appropriately (even if on Twitter) and the left wants to sing We Are the World!

Representative Randy Fine will join us at 8am as the legislature is being called back into special session.  We’ll get his understanding of what is up and on tomorrow’s show, Mike Haridopolos will join us for his perspective. 

Asking for forgiveness didn’t make Griffin smart or honest

Griffin exercises the Tres Holton prerogative: has no clue when to shut up!

MICKnuggets if you missed them

Tranny HS athlete proud of beating the girls, would be last in boys

The London attacks

President tweets on terror in London

Left responds with PC answer- WE ARE THE WORLD

New LE grant- for enforcing immigration law

Telling the difference between Presidents Obama & Trump

Expensive, but may be best tourism move yet (not hard to accomplish)

Special Session this week

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