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It must have been some debate last night as there is no morning report regarding the idiotic measures proposed for last night’s Palm bay City Council meeting.  There is, however, a big LOOK AT ME Story about the City Attorney and his take on the recently stopped and (according to him) soon to be re-initiated city investigation of one city employee.  He still doesn’t get it. 

The state of Illinois needs to be out of the child protection business…they are going about it backwards.  Kathy Griffin, our story of the week so far, sees the scrutiny and commentary directed at her since her deplorable photo as bullying.  Well, of course she does.  How does one run for governor with any hope of a win?  Ask Adam Putnam.  He’s the only one to have raised $2.1m in his first campaign month. 

The president wisely is taking us out of the Paris climate agreement.  Why do people think hampering the USA while letting the world go unchecked is a good idea?  How stupid that thought is.  Yet, Elon (I have not yet perfected the electric car) Musk and Disney’s Bob Iger have opted out of presidential commissions because of it.  Think about how smart that isn’t.  They have removed themselves from having ANY influence because they didn’t like the Paris decision.  It’s like they are Trudie Infantini when Robin Fisher ticked her off at a commission meeting!  Taking your toys and going home takes you out of the game!

Governor Scott and Speaker Corcoran just don’t see eye to eye, but can they come together to save the state budget?  It appears a special session will happen before the month is over, about pot if nothing else.  Bob Gabordi spent significant time in Tallahassee and we’ll get his perspectives in hour 3 today.

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