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A hijacker at Melbourne’s Airport?  Yes, the Melbourne that actually has an airport.  It’s in Australia.  Our federal courts are losing it and they are losing it for us.  One such robed nincompoop has decided girls in boys locker rooms are a good idea and says that science doesn’t necessarily give us an answer!  What’s he think gender is, global warming?  On a related topic, because it’s all about the environment, Berkeley sucks, but we already knew that.  Apparently CNN has no ability to forgive, Kathy Griffin is toast at the wanna be news network.  Elon Muck can just shut up, too.  His whacko environmental positions have him threatening to leave the president’s advisory councils if we pull out of the Paris climate agreement.  Elon, keep chasing not-ready-for-prime-time electric cars and shut up, will you?  Tres "The Oscar Mayer Weenie Whistle” Holton must be heard.  It’s his self aggrandizing attempt to divert our attention from his role in the current scandals plaguing Palm Bay officials and it involves stupid ideas.  What do he and Musk have in common?  They both need to just shut up!  The nut doesn’t fall far from the governor as his appointee to the Constitution Revision Commission wants to be all powerful.  He, too, needs to shut up and just do the job at hand.

Federal court loses it- girl to boys’ locker room OK

Melbourne Airport hijacker arrested (no, not here, that would require an actual airport)

Berkeley sucks…but not with a plastic straw

CNN fires Kathy Griffin (apparently forgiveness isn’t in their style book)

Elon Musk- shut up and keep chasing space and not-ready-for-prime-time cars

The Oscar Mayer Weenie Whistle must be heard- PB Council to meet and talk civility

Like the governor, Scott appointee wants absolute power on Constitution Commission

Surfside teacher arrested for text threats to principal

Rush nails Republicans on what they know how to do- obstruct

Fake news quashed by Spicer- Trump did listen

Trump speaks out on terrorism in addressing Ramadan

New LE grant- for enforcing immigration law

Getting out of Paris climate agreement

Telling the difference between Presidents Obama & Trump

Gabordi: Memorial Day

Where Republicans Have Gone Wrong

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