WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: School Battles Edition

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We’ll have an early focus on schools and news around them today on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY. We’ll also talk illegal immigrants and why they get by with the things they do.  How do we treat terrorism in this world?  It depends on where you are and who you are.  A comedian’s photo stunt backfired badly, but in her apology is the world she and her kind would actually create…and we certainly don’t want that! But those stories are from this side of the microphone.  It’s your day to initiate the discussion, so what is it that’s got you thinking?  Let’s get it going…

Using their own tools against them

UPDATE: CA kids win vs school…for now

Evergreen State update: the kids are ruling the school

What our legislature should have done

School gun paranoia catches on…should it have?

Guide on terrorism goes the other way…

Griffin’s apology hints at America she would create…prison for dissent

Surfside teacher arrested for text threats to principal

Rush nails Republicans on what they know how to do- obstruct

DC Sniper life sentence tossed because he was a 17 year old serial killer

Fake news quashed by Spicer- Trump did listen

Trump speaks out on terrorism in addressing Ramadan

New LE grant- for enforcing immigration law

Getting out of Paris climate agreement

Telling the difference between Presidents Obama & Trump

Gabordi: Memorial Day

MICKnuggets (if you missed them)

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