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The Memorial Day weekend had no shortage of news stories for our consideration.  Not the least of which is Captain Incompetent, the Palm Bay City Attorney, doing exactly what I said he should have done at the onset of his ill-thought out investigation.  He stopped it, once he got a real attorney involved.  And now city council should withdraw the authority they gave him to conduct said investigation, pay the hired gun attorney whatever she asks (it was well worth the hourly fee or a couple of them) and not reauthorize any such investigation until law enforcement has completed its investigations and released the results. 

Illegal students in the Ivy League are likely attending for free.  And they can’t get enough free, either!  It’s alright to be white at one Washington state college, but don’t point out injustices directed at your whiteness.  Oh, also don’t show video of the students of color acting like complete idiots and cursing the administration of their school.  While we talk inequality one man is taking flak after the all women showings of Wonder Woman sold him a ticket…now if he SAYS he’s a girl, he’s in!  A billboard in North Carolina is drawing fire for daring to mention 9/11 in support of President Trump’s travel restrictions.  While we are in North Carolina, why did business bail on the state over the bathroom bill?  The Lt. Governor nails it!

In national news one DC sniper has his sentence reduced from life to whatever the court comes up with now, Fox News could lose Sean Hannity (what happens when that happens?), the media loves spreading fake Trump news and gets called on it, the president speaks out on terrorism and the Paris climate deal and for a change of pace, the feds issue law enforcement grants for enforcing immigration law!

Ivy League illegals- gimme, gimme gimme

It’s alright to be anti-white, but don’t fight back!

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