ESPN Failing on the E and the S

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A former ESPN contributor lays out why the sports giant is losing viewership.  It’s unnecessary, yet ESPN is somehow compelled to do this and it is turning you off.  Yale idiot update: she is suspended and falling on her sword!  More lies of the left- the $15/hour fight is led by high paid union thug.  Brevard’s County Commission is divided over night meetings and apparently they need to learn the same lesson as the Councilman Weeth a Steek in Palm Bay- one, two, three.  Maybe they can trade air conditioner service to a consultant for the lesson!  While the commission is in play, there is no reason to continue to fund Andy Anderson’s BIG LIE- the position is not funded by savings in that commission office he used to hold. HWSNBN has said Palm Bay will fund it if the commission doesn’t.  Translation: the county should run from this as soon as possible.  Florida Today's Bob Gabordi joins us in hour 3 to kick around some local issues...and politicians!

Why we turn off ESPN, guys

Suspended Yale prof falls on PC sword

The lie about the $15/hour fight

Commissioners unhappy with night meetings (learn the Palm Bay lesson: 1, 2…)

There is zero reason to continue Andy Anderson’s LIE to the public

Wasting time in Palm Bay- ordinances of nothingness

Gabordi: stands by Palm Bay reporting (as he should)

Scott interferes in election choices, why not shopping?

Trump budget takes aim at Public Broadcasting

Threats of the left: Wasserman Schultz

Threat from the right: Paul Ryan

Telling the difference between Presidents Obama & Trump

White has good ideas & not a prayer

Should Colorado governor be charged for this?

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