Earlier this week we saw a story about a Canadian college apologizing to trannies for playing the first song on the list below. Folks at the school were scared to death they had offended the transgender community. It got me to thinking…what other songs are out there that the snowflakes of the world couldn’t handle if they only listened to what they were saying…we have compiled a list and the links to the music.

TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE - this one started it all

LOLA- I suppose this one is out, too

DON'T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME- did this forecast teacher/student relations?

SHE WAS ONLY 16- like we said…

FAT BOTTOM GIRLS- oh, they aren’t going to like this one

AIN'T GONNA BUMP NO MORE WITH NO BIG FAT WOMAN- and this one is no better

SHORT PEOPLE- in a state where they can’t be employed to be tossed, what do we expect?

DECEMBER 1963- Oh what a night, indeed!

NIGHT MOVES - these guys must have been running around together

JACK AND DIANE-we can’t allow teens to be teens…

YOUNG GIRL- what is the fascination with artists and young girls?

A few more... 

LEGS- do NOT objectify women like this!

TUSH- like we just said!

BABY GOT HER BLUE JEANS ON- what are YOU looking at?

LIFES BEEN GOOD TO ME- indulging like this only shows your white privilege

TAKE IT EASY-7 women?

BASKETBALL JONES- back to the young girls

SHE GOT THE GOLDMINE I GOT THE SHAFT- the true story of divorce in America

BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE- I have you trapped!

SUMMER NIGHTS- back to teen training!

BROWN SUGAR- must we be making this about race?

SEVENTEEN- is there a theme here?

16- it appears so!

FATHER FIGURE- call me daddy?

FAITH- you want to touch what?

I WANT YOUR SEX- let’s just be blunt, aggressor!

MAGGIE MAE- OK, guys, one that goes the other way

MY SHARONA- back to a little, pretty one

I GOT A BRAND BEW PAIR OF ROLLER SKATES- we hate it and it was so filled with more

TELEPHONE MAN- and this one doesn’t hide much

BABY I’M AMAZED- how dare these heterosexuals be happy?

BROTHER LOUIE- no integration!

FIRE- did he know those Hollywood Nights guys?

CHEVY VAN- her young face was like that of an angel…wow!

I LOVE ROCK AND ROLL- again, one for the ladies and the young guys

HOT CHILD IN THE CITY- admit it, you watch!

GET DOWN- are you sure it’s about dancing?

CENTERFOLD- STOP objectifying women!

WILD THING- and now it’s hookers!

RICH GIRL- you called her WHAT at the end?

LONG HAIRED COUNTRY BOY- how dare he make it on his own without government assistance?

MACHO MAN- after all it’s about destroying TOXIC masculinity

NOTE: We didn’t include any patriotic songs or hymns believing that they would more than cause a snowflake meltdown. We feared a flood, the proportions of which could not be anticipated!

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