Palm Bay, Garbage & Big Bird

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We begin today with more nonsense from the Snowflake crowd: words you can’t say and truths you can’t tell.  Sean Hannity is under fire, but did he bring it on himself?  In the Rich murder case the family hired a private investigator.  They didn’t like what he says he found.  That’s what Hannity latched onto.  The left wants Sean’s advertisers to stop and for his show to be gone.  But it’s the mainstream media that EVERYBODY distrusts. 

Yesterday I was amazed we didn’t have any Palm Bay government news in play.  Today I am saddened that Tres Holton has gone from councilman in controversy to whining weenie.  His latest proposals for the city are ridiculous attempts at changing a culture that is just what it should be.  If he wants to help council be better he needs to teach the Councilman Weeth a Steek and Jeff Bailey to count to 3.  Holton apparently hasn’t learned to consult competent advice when he is reacting to controversy.  Reactionary legislation is rarely good! 

We’ll call it the Zonka/Bolin Lewis Effect.  It’s what happens when elected officials give sweetheart deals to companies like Waste Management (especially when their competition out bid them for the job, save that whopping Field of Dreams bribery).  Your rates go up like crazy!  When Rick Scott has no problem interfering in the results of an election for State attorney, why should he have qualms about interfering in commerce?  That’s right, he doesn’t!

Look for more fund drives and claims of the media sky falling as President Trump makes good on his pledge to end public broadcasting.  The president’s budget proposal is doing just that.  Maybe the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s logo should be Big Bird on a spit!  We see threats from the left and right in today’s political news.  The threat from the left is expected.  The one from the right is a disgrace. 

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