Bill's Daily News: Unbelievable!

TSA Increased Procedures At Fort Lauderdale Airport 

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- TSA is increasing its passenger scrutiny at the Fort Lauderdale airport. The Transportation Security Administration is officially rolling out a new program ahead of Memorial Day weekend at ten airports that will require passengers to remove more items at passenger screening checkpoints. Instead of just having to remove shoes and laptops, passengers will now be required to have electronic devices larger than a cell phone screened separately. The new guideline also includes any food or books. Will this ever stop?  They should be paying us for the inconvenience and aggravation of flying.

Illinois Trooper Questioned For Tweeting Photo Of NASCAR's Tony Stewart 

(Dekalb, IL) -- Illinois authorities are questioning a state trooper after he pulled over former NASCAR driver Tony Stewart and then tweeted a picture of himself with the racing legend. Trooper Damein Cunningham stopped Stewart over the weekend on Interstate 88 for an unsafe lane change. The "Chicago Tribune" reports the photo that went out appears to be a selfie taken by Stewart. The trooper is leaning into the car and both he and Stewart are smiling. Illinois State Police say they're currently looking into the posting of the photo. The tweet has been deleted. Seriously?  We are going after cops for this?  What’s wrong with you people?

Man In Clown Makeup Arrested For Attack With Bladed Glove 

(Denver, CO) -- Charges are being filed in Colorado against a suspected killer who wore clown makeup and used a  bladed glove. Officers in Denver say Christian Gulzow threatened Brian Lucero, chased him and then fought with him in a taco restaurant parking lot. Police say Gulzow slashed and stabbed Lucero and then tried to escape after the victim collapsed. Gulzow was taken into custody earlier this week and is said to be a musician in the city's heavy metal scene.  What an intriguing combination of John Wayne Gacy and Freddie Krueger.  What’s not to like?

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