WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Melting Snowflakes

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Today we take a look at what can make a snowflake melt…and then we do our best to melt them in grand fashion!  It’s an audio preview of this week’s INSIDER column.  It also serves as an instruction manual on melting snowflakes!  Apparently the FCC’s rules don’t apply to television because I guarantee you if I replayed Colbert’s comments on this show I would be in heap big trouble!  Not Colbert, he is getting off scot-free.  If what’s happening in a British police station is common, I am glad I am no longer a cop.  The Thought Police are as active as ever with new rules on what you can and can’t say.  And a Tennessee Snowflake Law Professor has an editorial in Florida Today that is simply horrid.  The PC is getting so bad that the truth of a surgery can not even be said without being twisted to something it isn’t.  The County Commission is taking its time with pot regulation.  It should.  John Morgan admits he’s into the legalization for personal profit…while he says he isn’t.  Attorney General Pam Bondi must have failed constitutional law in school; she certainly doesn’t understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty!

While there is no news report this morning, Brevard’s School Board delayed action on a staff request to advance funds from the half cent tax increase to buy fencing now as opposed to buying it as the tax would allow them to pay for it as funds came in.  It’s my understanding the proposed fencing was not what was recommended by the BCSO security head at the school system.  It would appear administration has learned no lessons from the software fiasco where the Board was pushed into a bad decision by staff with the urging that it would cost more to make the purchase later.  Superintendent Blackburn, is it time to get new blood to lead the facilities department?  How much more embarrassment will you endure?

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