Bill's Daily News: Odds and Ends

Tampa Awarded Super Bowl

(Tampa, FL) -- L.A.'s loss is Tampa's gain. The NFL yesterday decided to take away the 2021 Super Bowl from Los Angeles and award it to the Bay area. The league decided L.A. wouldn't have a new stadium ready in time for the game. This will be the fifth Super Bowl played in Tampa and the first since 2009 when Pittsburgh beat Arizona.

Moon Rock Bag Expected To Fetch Millions At Auction

(Houston, TX) -- On the 48th anniversary of Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon, Sotheby's plans to auction a bag containing the first lunar soil samples Armstrong collected. The "Contingency Lunar Sample Return Decontamination Bag," returned to Earth along with the Apollo 11 crew and still contains traces of dust and rock. NASA is not pleased with the sale and even went to court to prevent it. But a judge ruled the bag's owner could sell it. Sotheby's expects the lunar rock bag to fetch between two-million and four-million dollars.

Highway Workers Return Money

(Huntington, WV) -- Two West Virginia highway workers are being recognized for their honesty after returning a bag full of cash. Eddie Frye and Danny Abercrombie were working in Huntington yesterday morning when they found the money along Veterans Memorial Boulevard. It was in a bank deposit bag, which they handed over to their supervisor. The bag had bank deposit slips to go along with the cash so they traced it back to the Cook Out restaurant on 5th Ave. The money is back with the rightful owners.

Man Allegedly Tried To Torch Brother

(Charleston, WV) -- Charges are being filed against a West Virginia man accused of trying to set his brother on fire. Fifty-five-year-old Darrell Duncan allegedly told his brother he was going to kill him at a Charleston apartment and then tossed a match at him after dousing him with gas. The man was not hurt but the building caught on fire and needed the attention of firefighters. Duncan was arrested yesterday afternoon with assault and arson counts pending.

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