Stupidity in Tragedy; Sexist Prenatal Rules!



It’s amazing how stupid people can be in the wake of a tragedy.  One CBS News stringer is a glaring example.  Why would we not want pregnant women to avoid alcohol?  Because it’s sexist says one gal.  Clint Eastwood nails PC to the wall.  In Palm Bay, what would our day be without a Palm Bay story?  Tres Holton has paid for that AC repair to clear the air on his involvement with the charity and related folks that are under scrutiny.  Bob Gabordi looks at Holton’s letter and writes about Florida Today’s coverage.  The County Commission is considering rules for pot shops in Melbourne.  No, we are not pretending here that they are for medicine!  Bob White has good ideas, but a politically naïve approach to the run for governor.  Speaking of governors, Colorado’s should be going to jail and I hope he does.  IBM is changing the way they look at work…and you need to show up to get it, work, that is.   

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