Bill's Daily News: Today in History

2016, a Baltimore judge said bike patrol officer Edward Nero is not guilty of all charges stemming from the arrest of Freddie Gray before his in-custody death. He was one of six officers facing charges. Nero was charged with arresting the 25-year-old Gray without justification. He was also accused of failing to secure Gray in a police van, where he suffered a fatal spinal injury. None of the police officers charged in the case were convicted of the hastily and politically motivated charges the Baltimore prosecutor filed.

2013, the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow gay boys to join the organization but upheld its ban on gay scout leaders.

1953, Cliff's Notes were first used in schools. Now days they just watch the movie!

1873, Canada created the North West Mounted Police. They would later become known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. And THAT gave rise to Dudley Doright of the Mounties!

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