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Some Olympic Gold Medals Losing Their Shine 

(Undated) -- Some of the gold medals presented at the Rio Olympics are losing their luster. You know, like the entirety of the Rio games!  The French Press Agency reports medals handed out to 130 winners are rusting, chipping or falling to pieces. A Rio Games communications officer says it's a problem with the covering on six to seven-percent of the medals. Olympic gold medals contain only one-point-34 percent gold. The rest contain sterling silver. About 30-percent of the silver in those thousands of medals awarded in Rio came from recycled silver. Organizers say some of the blame also goes to the athletes after they dropped or mishandled their medals causing the varnish to come off.  Sure, blame the athletes instead of the fake trophy company that produced your medals!  

Own Your Own Fire Station 

(St. Paul, MN) -- Now you can own your very own fire house. St. Paul, Minnesota is selling a fire station the city used from 1885 until 2010. The city says they don't want to see old Station 10 torn down. They're soliciting offers from people interested in redeveloping the decommissioned building. A department historian says that back when horses pulled fire rigs, the fire department's horse hospital was located behind the station. The estimated market price is 580-thousand dollars.  If you had a winning restaurant or club idea...this could be you!

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