Bill's Daily News: Stranger Than Fiction

Confederate Flag Banned At Tallahassee High School 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- The Confederate flag has been banned at a Tallahassee high school for the remainder of the year. Chiles High School Principal Joe Burgess made the decision late last week, after students skipped class and five cars were keyed amid cultural strife on campus blamed on Confederate flag displays. Chiles High is threatening any student participating in controversial on-campus activities with suspension for the rest of the school year.  Well, THAT threat diminishes every day until it’s over for the year!

Woman Accused of Violence at Jimmy Buffet Concert 

(West Palm Beach, FL) -- A woman in West Palm Beach stands accused of doing a little more than drinking Margaritas at a Jimmy Buffet concert. Deputies say Shannon Springhorn was seriously fighting with the staff at Perfect Vodka Amphitheater last week in West Palm Beach. The 23-year-old allegedly kicked a deputy in the groin while yelling curse words after she was handcuffed but no one was seriously hurt. They believe Springhorn was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. She is facing multiple charges including resisting arrest and trespassing. At a Jimmy Buffett concert?  There may be concerts that incite violence; Jimmy Buffett certainly isn’t one of them!

Yale Dean On Leave For Yelp Comments 

(New Haven, CT) -- An Ivy League dean is serving a suspension for comments made on the review site, Yelp. June Chu, a dean at Yale, posted a review about a movie theater and a steakhouse in New Haven. She mentioned something about "white trash" for one of the establishments and her comments were considered offensive (just maybe because they were!). Reports say she has encouraged cultural diversity in the past and has been a dean at the school for about a year. And we wonder why kids are walking off from their own graduations and yelling at speakers if they stay!

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