Bad Advertising, Bad Manners & Bad Decisions



A busy news weekend it was and we’ll be well into the week before we can cover everything that captured our attention.  How do you run off your business?  You insult your primary customers and tell them your product isn’t about what they believed it was.  On the other hand we have academics giving academia all it’s worth as they show the idiocy of agenda driven science.  Given all the Confederate monuments falling these days, it’s good to see Alabama taking a stand.  Christian schools, are you practicing what you preach?  We have a pretty poor example in today’s links.  In an unrelated note, what do you learn at Notre Dame?  Apparently respect isn’t on the list.  And, no wonder, look at the examples on the left!  America’s Sheriff’s Master’s degree is under fire.  I believe the complaint is falling on the wrong shoulders.  The Palm Bay City Attorney has a blank check and an active investigation. I have some questions for him to use…unless he already knows the answers.  Newt Gingrich speaks out on the Trump controversies and the overseas trip is going great so far.  Ask the Saudis.  I believe the Colorado governor should be arrested for assisting an illegal avoid deportation.  I just don’t know the law allows for it.  Speaking of governor, I was surprised when I got the phone call, but we have a local in the governor’s race…and he hasn’t got a prayer.

Axe tries to run off their manly customers

Academics show academia the fault with their agenda

Someone is standing up to protect history

Christian schools- practicing what we preach?

Notre Dame grads walk out on VP

No wonder kids act as they are at graduation

Credit where credit is due…and is this on the Sheriff?

Palm Bay blank check starts City Attorney redemption investigation

Palm Bay Veteran’s Affairs “whistleblower” fears loss of funding- and should

The fluff around Tres Holton’s acknowledgement

The Smartest Guy in the Room on Trump reports

Like Newt said, this is easy

Saudi Foreign Minister honors Trump with word choice

Bob Schieffer has a moment of clarity

Should Colorado governor be charged for this?

You don’t become governor by not playing the game by its rules

IBM to employees: come back to work, or lose a job

A sampling of last week’s MICKnuggets from FLORIDA TODAY

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