Palm Bay- The Gift That Keeps Giving!



The class of the left can’t be contained, largely because it can’t be found.  Their reaction to the death of Roger Ailes is nothing short of disgusting.  It’s nice to see it won’t take the president or congress to fix some the problems President Obama left behind.  Net Neutrality is in the sights of the FCC.  Florida’s Supreme Court has ruled Brevard will not have slot machines, no matter what the people voted.  I’m not sure how many of these stories get play today as it promises to be filled with Palm Bay news and the council taking an unnecessary action requested by a city employee who didn’t have the courtesy to attend the council meeting in support of his idea.  The City Attorney sent an underling and a video to present his views.  How convenient it is when you are not present to witness the storm you created or to answer questions the decision makes might have had!

At least one council member and who knows how many employees have been implicated in a letter claiming wrongdoing relating to the city’s association with a charity started by the Deputy City Manager before he went to work at the city.  I have communications from both that employee and a councilman reacting to the allegations and the situation that was last night’s focus.  Wayne Price and other reporters have been covering the Palm Bay story.  Wayne joins us in our 8am hour.    

The left was flat out nasty reacting to news of Roget Ailes death

It doesn’t take the president or congress to fix all Obama problems

FL Supremes- no slots in Brevard

Titusville wasting its time on backyard chickens!

Palm Bay censures mayor, removes letter & buys idea from absent City Attorney

Palm Bay- maybe the focus finally gets right

Palm Bay City Attorney wants unnecessary witch hunt, scapegoat

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