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Team Names Pig Mascot "Alternative Fats." 

(St. Paul, MN) -- A minor league baseball team in Minnesota is taking a page out of the current political landscape in announcing the name of its latest mascot pig. The St. Paul Saints presented their new ball pig named "Alternative Fats" during a Facebook Live stream, in a nod to Trump aide Kellyanne Conway's term "alternative facts." The team said it received a record number of entries in this year's "Name the Pig Contest," many of them politically themed. The team has had a pig mascot every year since 1993. I do miss those days umpiring in the Northern League!

Beer Maker Heineken Has A Message For All Drunk Drivers 

(Amsterdam) -- Beer maker Heineken has a message for an alleged drunk driver who slammed into its offices in Amsterdam. The company erected a sign with a steering wheel in front of a tall Heineken that reads "when you drive, never drink." It's posted at the exact spot where the driver crashed into the beer maker's Dutch headquarters. Amsterdam police said over Facebook the 22-year-old driver was immediately arrested and it appears no one was seriously injured in the crash. But, when you do drink…grab a hiney!


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