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It’s gotten to the point that entertainment can’t be entertainment anymore.  Light hearted can’t be light hearted even in a time and place designed and known for it.  Jimmy Fallon was shamed by the entertainment industry and the press for his treatment of Donald Trump on The Tonight Show.  Apparently the late night star wasn’t hard enough on the future president.  The story does, however, point out the inconsistency and intellectual dishonesty of the left.  Yes, we’ll be glad to point that out.  Staying with shop talk, Bill O’Reilly will become a regular with Glenn Beck on Beck’s radio show. O’Reilly will appear every Friday.

A big news story is out today with more on Palm Bay.  We won’t be able to address it on this morning’s BML, but we will talk it at length tomorrow.  Florida Today’s Wayne Price will step in for Bob Gabordi in our 8am hour as we close our talk week.  It appears to me that the investigation is finally departing from politics of petty men and beginning to focus on the actual issues at hand.  And, yes, Mr. Councilman Weeth a Steek, this is where your City Manager shines!  Titusville has a problem of a completely different nature, involving nature. Well, involving chickens anyway.  Do they or don’t they allow urban chickens?  It’s a thing and government just needs to get out of the way. 

Today at 7am Mike Haridopolos joins us to talk DC and Tallahassee politics.  Representative Randy Fine is in studio at 8am and we’ll see what’s still going on in Tallahassee, the past session and what we may see in the not too distant future.

Even entertainment falling prey to the left’s demands

O’Reilly joins Beck…weekly

Titusville wasting its time on backyard chickens!

Palm Bay- maybe the focus finally gets right

Palm Bay City Attorney wants unnecessary witch hunt, scapegoat

Superintendents want schools budget killed- revert to last year’s then!

Budget drama- Scott threatening veto (even with Visit Florida Syria snafu)

Comey firing gets new life as an issue

Special Counsel appointed in Russia investigation

But is a Special Prosecutor necessary?

Haridopolos appointed to Medical Board- no, not Mike!

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