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Putnam County Man Bit By Snake Tried Kissing It

(Putnam Co., FL) -- A Putnam County man is recovering from a snake bite after apparently trying to kiss the snake. The Putnam County Sheriff's Office yesterday identified Ron Reinolds as the man who nearly died Tuesday after a rattlesnake bit him on the tongue. The three-foot eastern diamond rattlesnake escaped its caretaker and was caught. Reinolds was taken by helicopter to UF Health Jacksonville for antivenim. OK, a little advice here: NEVER employ the tongue on a kiss on the first date…you’re just begging for trouble!

Man Sues Date For Texting During Movie

(Round Rock, TX) -- A Texas man is suing his date because she wouldn't stop texting during a movie. The "Austin American-Statesman" reports Brandon Vezmar met the unnamed woman online and went to go see "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two" earlier this month. His complaint says she kept texting throughout the film. He eventually asked her to go outside to text.  She left and didn't come back. Vezmar is seeking 17-dollars and 31 cents, the price of his ticket. "While damages sought are modest," the complaint says, "the principle is important as defendant's behavior is a threat to civilized society." The woman says Vezmar did ask for the money but she refused because he was taking her out on a date. Lucky for her this was Texas…had it been Tampa, that whole texting in the theater thing could have gotten her shot!

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