WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Triggering (and studying) Snowflakes


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Snowflakes abound, apparently.  They come in professor and student varieties and they issue and receive grants to study microaggressions.  I’m pretty sure they also exist as Palm Bay council members, weeth and weethout a steek!  I never thought former OPD Chief now Congressman Val Demings was very bright.  Now, I know I am right.  She either doesn’t know the difference between the 1st and 2nd Amendments or has no clue how to communicate with people.  I suppose it could be both.  Palm Bay is back in the news thanks to the City Attorney.  We will see what Captain Incompetence is up to now during today’s show.  The State’s School Superintendents want the governor to veto the school bills relating to budget and everything else.  If he does, I’d urge the legislature to revert to last year’s budget numbers and focus solely on education reforms in testing, recess and more.  Pam Bondi has a stalker…and if memory serves it could very well be a local, unsuccessful candidate!  The White House is a continuing source of conflict and speculation and the left will not let up.  The Comey firing has new life after the former FBI head’s notes on meeting with the president came to light.  Even with Visit Florida having a major gaffe hit the press this week, the governor still wants more money than the legislature has been willing to give.  We have Florida Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran scheduled for our 8:25 segment this morning.  He’s already made more appearances here than “Shut Er Down” Steve Crisafulli, a Brevard Representative, did when he was speaker.  Hummmmm…AND it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- what’s on YOUR mind?

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UNH group: ban sombreros from white kids and stores in area

UGA prof gets grant to study microaggressions (cue triggered taxpayers)

Former OPD Chief, now Congresswoman Demings confused on rights

Palm Bay City Attorney wants unnecessary witch hunt, scapegoat

Superintendents want schools budget killed- revert to last year’s then!

Bondi has a stalker- surprised it isn’t a former local candidate!

Budget drama- Scott threatening veto (even with Visit Florida Syria snafu)

Comey firing gets new life as an issue

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