Bill's Daily News: The People's Court

Tyndall Air Force Base Colonel Arrested 

(Bay Co., FL) -- A $22,000 bond has been set for a Tyndall Air Force Base Colonel arrested for allegedly seeking out a despicable act with a child. Colonel Michael Shawn Garrett, 44, was arrested by Panama City police for allegedly planning to meet for sex with a 14-year-old boy.  There was no boy, it was an undercover sting. The Colonel goes to court in June.

State Supreme Court Will Take Up Red Light Camera Issue 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- The debate over a case in Oldsmar could be settled in Tallahassee. The Florida Supreme Court has decided to answer the question of whether red light cameras are legal. A lower court ruled it was legal to use red light cameras in Oldsmar as well as Miami-Dade County. The high court will take up the Miami-Dade case at an undetermined date, and its ruling will likely affect red light cameras around the state.

Miami-Dade Cop Arrested For Alleged Gun Running 

(Miami, FL) -- A Miami-Dade County cop has been arrested for allegedly running guns through Miami International Airport. Officer Michael Freshko appeared in Miami federal court yesterday after an FBI investigation pointed the finger at the lawman for getting firearms from the Dominican Republic through TSA checkpoints. The alleged smuggling happened from October to December 2012. Freshko has worked for the Miami-Dade Police Department since 2004.

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