Bill's Daily News: The 8 Year Old & The Congresswoman

Palm Bay Girl Arrested For Robbery

 (Palm Bay, FL) -- An eight-year-old girl in Palm Bay has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a car. Palm Bay police announced the child's arrest yesterday after surveillance video showed her committing the burglary May 8th. The Jupiter Elementary student stands charged with felony car burglary and attempted theft. She is scheduled for a court hearing June 2nd.

Corrine Brown Jurors Considered Corrine Brown "Not Guilty" 

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A juror in the Corrine Brown federal fraud case is speaking out about an initial belief the former congresswoman was not guilty. Juror Number Three told WJXT this week that he felt pressured into finding the 24-year Capitol Hill lawmaker guilty of complicity in keeping slush fund while in office. Brown is steadfast in her conviction that her former chief of staff Ronnie Simmons maintained the fraudulent bank accounts and she had no direct part in the scheme. A juror was dismissed ahead of last week's verdict for citing religious beliefs for believe Brown was not guilty.  Want to bet which of these two gets the harsher penalty?

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