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We begin today in an unusual place, for us anyway- Wendy’s!  Question: Do you remember how to order your favorite Wendy’s burger?  There was an order to the order.  What happened to it?  It doesn’t take much to trigger college snowflakes…even the appearance of a building can set them off.  I hope they don’t go to DC and see the Washington Monument!  Normally, you’d think a college would be welcoming of a gay speaker.  But, make that gay speaker conservative and there is no room for him.  He’s also a lot smarter than they are.  Cops have always known this about drunks, now there is a scientific study to support what we’ve always known.  Being drunk doesn’t change you.  It reveals you!  America loves its cars, yet predictions abound that we will be done with them by 2030.  I, for one, don’t see it.  And, if Thad Altman hears this next story, look for a new bill in Tallahassee next session.  It’s a textalyzer…letting cops know if you were texting and driving when your accident occurred.  It’s not a pretty thing, but like Mad Moms, look for Thad to lead this parade.  John Tobia called me as soon as this next story broke and it’s good news for taxpayers.  No, those were not county fire sirens you heard wailing last night.  It was the cry of the County Firefighters Union as they lost their bid to increase our taxes so they could have a pay hike.  I’m sure they will still be whining today.  Even as Visit Florida is caught again failing to properly oversee the expenditure of our tax dollars for tourism, Governor Scott is on the stump threatening to veto the budget and send the legislature back to work.  If he does, I would de-fund Visit Florida completely.  Let talk about it.

Triggered much, snowflake?

Colleges don’t welcome the unconventional (gay) conservative

What cops have always known- drunks don’t change, or forget

Say it ain’t so…or I will

PLEASE, don’t tell Thad Altman!  The textalyzer is coming

Brevard Charter Cap upheld- take that BCFD

Budget drama- Scott threatening veto (even with Visit Florida Syria snafu)

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