Bill's Daily News: Not the Usual Fare

World's First Drone Jump

(Latvia) -- The world's first drone jump is in the books. A video from Latvian manufacturer Aerones shows a sky diver being carried more than one-thousand feet in the air by a drone Friday. The footage then shows the sky driver drop from the device and parachute safely to the ground in the European country. The company says the 28-propeller drone stunt shows how the devices can be used in a number of ways, including fighting fires, civil defense and sports. Next thing you know, given their history, there will drone cops all over Palm Bay before we know it!

Perfectly Intact Dinosaur Discovered In Canada

(Alberta) -- A perfectly preserved dinosaur that looks like something out of "Game of Thrones" has been unveiled. A Canadian miner unearthed one of the most well-preserved dinosaurs ever found. It's not a skeleton, it's a complete petrified dinosaur. "National Geographic" says the miner was working inside Canada's Millennium Mine when the 110-million-year-old horned and armored tank-like dinosaur was uncovered. Those who photographed it say it looks like a prop from a movie. National Geographic says the dinosaur walked on four legs and weighed about three-thousand pounds. It was really big at 18-feet long. Jurassic Park here we come!

Airport Relieves Travelers Stress With Mini Horses

 (Hebron, KY) -- An airport near the border of Ohio and Kentucky is helping travelers relieve some stress with miniature horses. The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport employs therapy mini horses from Ohio's Seven Oaks Farm. The therapy animals visit the ticketing area twice a month to calm passengers in Hebron, Kentucky. Airport official Wendi Orlando called the program a success, saying the horses never get old with travelers. Orlando says the airport was initially considering a therapy dog program that's used in several other airports, but chose horses instead. While the horses may be mini, it’s likely that their messes aren’t…think I’ll stick with reading a book!

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