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When we left the show Friday I said I would keep an eye on the news over the weekend (as I always do) and the weekend did not disappoint!  A high school in the Carolinas recalled their yearbooks because at least one student decided to quote President Trump in student comments.  The LGBT crowd is now running Catholic university Fordham.  While we had the Secretary of Education shouted down and generally disrespected at Bethune-Cookman’s graduation, Texas Southern cancelled a US Senator as speaker when complaints rolled in.  The other side of the coin is Liberty University where the President himself spoke to a respectful crowd, many of them supporters.  Brevard’s Tourism Development Council is on a campaign to save Visit Florida, except Visit Florida’s stupid spending ideas keep coming to light.  If you are a Tom Brokaw hater you may want to reconsider that position.  He laid out Andrea Mitchell recently and pointed the MSNBC host back toward reporting facts.  I’m not holding my breath to see if she follows the direction.  Special for our union organizer friend Fernando: Isn’t it funny that the AFL-CIO conducted a study and then slammed CEO pay while they ignored the exorbitant salaries of union heads?  Jeff Sessions is rolling back an Obama weak-on-crime policy and that’s good to see.  We have a candidate for Mother of the Year…she beat her kid for hand making a Mother’s Day card for grandma.  It seems mom didn’t get one.  I’m guessing it’s not likely next year either!  Lastly, thank you to Florida Today as they are now publishing my weekly MICKnuggets, at least in part.  So far space has only allowed for 3 of the 5 weekly takes on the news, but the space provided is prominent and a voice from your side is being heard regularly on those Sunday pages. 

School recalls yearbooks with Trump quote

LGBT community runs Catholic University

Texas Southern cancels Texas Senator commencement address

Where speakers are respected…a different University

Tourism Council: Patting themselves on the back

Exactly why cuts are appropriate

Hate Tom Brokaw?  May want to rethink that

Union study slams CEO pay, but not THEIRS

Obama soft stance on crime rolled back by Sessions

Mother of the year

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