Bill's Daily News: You Ain't Gonna Believe This!

3 Cities In Florida Top The List For 'Nuisance' Alligators 

(Bradenton, FL) -- Three cities in Florida top the list of locations for nuisance alligators. Last year, the Statewide Nuisance Alligator Program received nearly 13-thousand nuisance alligator complaints, resulting in the removal of eight-thousand alligators. The cities with the most gator calls are Orlando with 235 followed by Sarasota and Tampa with 176 and 174 respectively. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation says gators seem to be more active because of warmer temperatures and limited water because of the drought. There are an estimated one-point-three million alligators in Florida.

Pastor Tries To Walk On Water, Gets Eaten By Crocodiles 

(Undated) -- DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: A pastor in Zimbabwe who tried to walk on water like in the Biblical account of Jesus is dead after being eaten by crocodiles. Jonathan Mthethwa reportedly was trying to demonstrate the power of faith to his congregation Saturday morning when he walked into what's known as the Crocodile River. It only took a couple of minutes. Emergency responders arrived a half-hour later but by then it was far too late.  So THAT'S what they meant by Crocodile River!

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