Bill's Daily News: SMOKE & STUPIDITY

Quincy Trulieve Store Denies Selling Bud For Smoke 

(Quincy, FL) -- The Quincy Trulieve store that is selling marijuana buds vows it's not meant to be smoked. The company says the state's Health Department gave them approval to sell raw, female cannabis flowers commonly sold on the streets for smokable consumption. Trulieve says their sales are solely intended for vaporizing the plant material for its medicinal purposes. State law strictly prohibits smoking medical marijuana.  And here is why we need the legislature to craft these laws on so-called medical marijuana.

Leon County Armed Robbery Suspects Arrested 

(Leon Co., FL) -- A group of armed robbery suspects in Leon County have been captured. The Gadsden County Sheriff's Office said they arrested three people yesterday at a robbery scene after the car they were in crashed into a Gadsden County. Authorities said one of the suspects tried breaking into the home before they were nabbed. At least two of the three suspects were under the age of 18.  Maybe they were medicated from the above story!

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