It’s time to ban The Village People from American colleges.  No, not because they are gay.  No, not because the 80’s icons are too old for college, but because they are, apparently, appropriating EVERY culture and we just can’t have that!  The story comes from the University of Chicago.  It gets worse at Colorado. Segregation is the in thing there and the college is in full support of the idea.  If it’s so good, let’s REQUIRE segregation at all colleges then!  What?  We already tried that?  And overthrew it in the 60’s?  You’d think today’s kids and colleges have no clue!  Then there is the idea of free speech on campus and one professor tells us what we have come to know.  There is no free speech there…but is he right?  Apparently not at CSU-Fresno!  They are standing behind the kids! 

Palm Bay is under FDLE investigation and the FBI won’t say if they are conducting one.  The story says they are investigating allegations.  The question is, just who made them.  It’s no surprise that City manager Gregg Lynk is doing the right thing.  The surprise is that the right thing is being done in a government entity.  See what private sector experience can get you?  County Commission, are you seeing this?  Hint, hint: LYNK’S RESUME JUST GOT STRONGER.  Hire him for Brevard County while you can!

Florida Today’s Executive Editor Bob Gabordi joins us at 8am and we’ll talk Murder on the Space Coast and more as we close our talk week together.  Look for my weekly MICKnuggets in Florida Today’s Sunday edition. 

DO NOT MISS Glenn Beck right after my show today.  At 10am Glenn’s guest is none other than Bill O’Reilly in his first interview since his departure from FOX News.   

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