Bill's Daily News: Today in History


2004, an Islamist website showed the beheading of an American who identified himself as Nick Berg from Philadelphia. A group linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist organization said it beheaded the man in retaliation for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by some members of the U.S. military and vowed to carry out more executions. Berg's parents said their 26-year-old son was on the job in Iraq as a radio tower inspector.

1984, the Detroit Tigers set a record for most victories to begin a baseball season. They won 26 of their first 30 games. The Tigers went on to capture the World Series title.

1949, the first Polaroid camera went on sale in New York City at a cost of about 90-dollars. If you’re under 30- a Polaroid camera took the photo and then spit it out the bottom of the camera and it developed in front of your eyes. They are those square pictures in your parents photo albums with the big white tabs at the bottom.

1947, B-F Goodrich announced the development of the tubeless tire.

1928, WGY Television in Schenectady, New York, began the first schedule of regular television programs.

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