Bill's Daily News: Education Notes

Betsy DeVos B-CU Commencement Protest 

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- The 2017 class at Bethune-Cookman University has graduated into the real world after giving a cold reception to commencement keynoter Betsy DeVos. Graduating seniors booed, shouted obscenities and turned their backs to the U.S. Education Secretary yesterday as she spoke for 20 minutes at the historically black university in Daytona Beach. DeVos had offended many in February by calling historically black university examples of school choice, a statement she later amended in acknowledging racial segregation necessitated separate colleges for African Americans. It’s too bad those kids made it through college and have no class.

Duval County Schools Suspends Teachers 

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A pair of Duval County public school teachers have been suspended for alleged misconduct. The school district forced Reynolds Lane Elementary Kristin Walker off the job Monday for 15 days after they said she videoed two six-year-old girls arguing in her class without intervening in the February incident. In the other case, George Washington Carver Elementary School teacher Chrystel Shannon was taken out of the classroom in a Monday for 30 days for allegedly spanking at least two students with a yardstick. So, the first two can go to Bethune-Cookman while the other two, who were actually taught something, will have a better option. And the social media junkie gets by with half the time off!

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