Bill's Daily News: Could be Right Out of TV!

Crane Worker Rescued During Medical Emergency

(Tampa, FL) -- Ten stories high in the air is probably the last place you'd want to suffer a medical emergency, but it happened. It was yesterday morning in downtown Tampa while the man was operating a crane. Rescue crews arrived on the scene and about 45 minutes later had the man back on the ground and in an ambulance. There's no word on the man's condition, but he reportedly gave a thumbs up when leaving. And you thought they made up those rescues on EMERGENCY!

Miami Burglars Arrested After Boat Chase

(Miami, FL) -- In a scene out of "Miami Vice," a couple of suspected Miami burglars are arrested after allegedly using a boat to flee cops. Miami police arrested two men yesterday who allegedly stole furniture from a closed business on the Little River near Biscayne Boulevard and 79th Street. Authorities said the men put the merchandise on the boat and were chased by Miami marine deputies on the river before they were stopped in a canal near Belle Meade island. Some of the stolen loot was picked up from the canal bottom. Both were booked into the Miami city jail. Nothing like some good Crockett and Tubbs action…the originals.  The movie version…not so much!

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